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TRI TOWN LACROSSE began in 2001.

Over 20+ years  Tri Town players have taken to a variety of formats - Box, Field and now the 3-on-3 Mini Game.  They've played at home and away, including the Ontario Lacrosse Festival.

Decisions on programming are determined year to year and are reflective of youth and parent interest/volunteerism.



There is no contact.

Players need indoor running shoes (for gym use only), a helmet, jock and gloves - no other equipment needed.


Basic Rules

  • The game format is three 10-minute periods, no stop time.

  • A 20-second shot clock is used (regulation box lacrosse uses a 30-second shot clock).

  • Teams can be as small as 5 players – three on the floor plus two subs.

  • There are no goaltenders in the Mini Game format. Shooter tutors (of various sizes), shooting boards, Sniper Targets, ballons and other targets are used to challenge and develop shooting skills in Mini Game.

  • Before a team can shoot on net, the offensive team must complete three successful passes. The referee will call aloud the number of successful passes during each possession. All passes must be initiated from the overhand passing position.

  • All loose ball situations are governed by “first to trap” rule where the referee will stop play and award possession to a player who has successfully trapped the loose ball.

  • While the game scores are not recorded, goals are scored by introducing open net, target and/or shooting board challenges to the game. After each goal, the team that has been scored on initiates play from centre floor on the referee’s whistle (ball possession rules apply).

  • Should the ball go out of bounds during play, the referee will award possession to the player on either team, positioned closest to where the ball went out of play.

  • To facilitate skill development, body contact and stick-to-body contact is illegal. Only stick to stick contact is permitted.

  • All actions of players which would result in a penalty under regulation box lacrosse rules, will result in a penalty shot (instead of a time-served penalty) being awarded to the non-offending team. The player who was fouled will take the penalty shot, on the run, advancing directly toward the net from centre floor.

  • Other than exceptions noted, regular box lacrosse rules apply to Mini Game.

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